Large Geode Art – SOLD


Resin Art

I’m now selling Resin Art.

This all began with the need for new countertops for our kitchen. We moved back to Canada.

If you are interested in seeing what I did for my countertops it is just amazing. I did an epoxy pour. It looks like white marble. And is stunning for a fraction of the cost.

But doing that project got my creative juices going. So now here I am doing large wall art for sale on Etsy.

Isn’t if funny where life will take you?

Watch “Lizard in the Pool. Taking a dip.” on YouTube

Let’s Grow A Pineapple 

Kids have a pineapple top. It’s been in water in a jug for over a week. Now with very long roots its time to plant this thing. 

“Our household items have arrived from Canada to Costa Rica.”

“Move to Costa Rica. Ten Suitcases. Many Hours of Travel. Let’s Do This!”

A Little Offkey Karaoke on Taco Tuesday Fun – my son singing ‘You can buy me a Boat’ 

… except maybe this…

“Making Homemade Copos – Costa Ricas version of Shaved Ice” 

Thank You to my Fantastic Clients in FSJ for supporting me over the years. – Vlog


“Packing Our Shipping Container for Our Move to Costa Rica” 

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“I’d like to buy your…. Small Roll of Bubble Wrap,  Please” – LOL 😂